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A Smattering of Published Articles


"A Look Back at the Disney Revolt"

7/8/22  Animation Magazine

"Off into the Wild Blue Sky"

4/16/21  Animation Magazine

"The Biggest Mouse in New York City"

1/1/19  Animation Magazine

"Picket Lines in Paradise"

6/1/17  American History Magazine

The philadelphia inquirer.jpg

"D23: A Toon-lover's Impressions"

5/27/13  Animation Magazine


"Brooklyn's 2010 Animation Block Party"

7/23/10  Animation Magazine


"How to Survive as an Animation Contractor"

4/20/09  Animation


"A Wooden Boy Gets a New Polish"

4/1/09  Animation Magazine

"Dream On Silly Dreamer"

6/1/06  Frames Per Second Magazine

"Candy Kugel: Indie-Studio Animation's First Lady"

3/1/06  Frames Per Second Magazine

And there are 50+ more where these came from...

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