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A Smattering of Published Articles


"Today’s Secret Word Is: Animation – How Pee-wee’s Playhouse Redefined Cartoons"

Interviewing Prudence Fenton, Stephen Oakes, Phil Trumbo, and David Daniels

8/17/23  Animation Magazine

Pee-wee title.png
Prudence Fenton_edited.jpg
Stephen Oakes_edited.jpg

"A Look Back at the Disney Revolt"

A book excerpt

7/8/22  Animation Magazine

Article 2022-07 Revolt.png

"Off into the Wild Blue Sky"

Reflecting upon the closing of the largest animation studio out east

4/16/21  Animation Magazine

Article 2021-04 Blue Sky.png

"The Original Animaniacs Toonsmith: Randy Rogel"

An interview with performer and composer of Warner TV animation

12/11/19  Animation Magazine

Article 2019-12 Rogel1.png
Article 2019-12 Rogel2.png

"The Biggest Mouse in New York City"

An interview with artist Darren Romanelli

1/1/19  Animation Magazine

Article 2019-01 Romanelli.png

"Picket Lines in Paradise"

With the world at war, animation auteur battled his artists

6/1/17  American History Magazine

Article 2017-06 PicketLines.png

"Chasing Fowl: The Ducktales Gang is Revitalized for Today's Gamers"

Interviewing Capcom's Rey Jimenez, and actor Alan Young

8/01/13  Animation Magazine


Article 2013-08 Ducktales RJ.png
Article 2013-08 Ducktales.png

"D23: A Toon-lover's Impressions"

Interviewing D23 hosts Billy Stanek and Justin Arthur

5/27/13  Animation Magazine


Article 2013-05 D23.png

"Rooftop Films Show Sundance Winners"

Interviewing Stephen Neary

6/18/12  ASIFA-East

Article 2012-06 Rooftop1.png

"A Class of His Own: How One Artist/Activist Pioneered Animation Education"

An investigation on Art Babbitt, incl. interview with Carl Bell

5/12/11  Animation World Network

Article 2011-05 Class.png
Article 2011-05 Class2.png

"Brooklyn's 2010 Animation Block Party"

Interviewing festival curator Casey Safron

7/23/10  Animation Magazine


Article 2010-07 ABP.png

"Animators Capture the Performance in Commercials"

Interviewing Valdimar Baldvinsson, Eric Luhta, John Vielee, and Kyle Mohr

1/1/10  Animation Mentor


Article 2009-01 Commercials4.png
Article 2009-01 Commercials2.png
Article 2009-01 Commercials1.png
Article 2009-01 Commercials3.png

"Flying High with Pixar"

Interviewing co-director Bob Peterson, and animators Aaron Hartline & Chris Chua

11/1/09  Animation Mentor


Article 2009-11 Pixar Chua.png
Article 2009-11 Pixar Hartline.png
Article 2009-11 Pixar.png

"A Wooden Boy Gets a New Polish"

Interviewing the original voice of Pinocchio, actor Dick Jones

4/1/09  Animation Magazine

Article 2009-04 Pinocchio.png

"A Modern Fairy Tale"

Interviewing CG Tinker Bell director Brad Raymond

11/1/08  Animation Magazine

Article 2008-11 Tinkerbell BR.png
Article 2008-11 Tinkerbell w.png

"Dalmatians on DVD: Out Out Darn Spots!"

Interviewing voice actress Lisa Davis


2008-06 Dalmatians.png
2008-06 Dalmatians2.png

"An Interview with Alejandro Arbona"

Assistant Editor at Marvel Comics

6/1/08  aNYmator

Article 2008-06 Arbona1.png
Article 2008-06 Arbona2.png

"How to Survive as an Animation Contractor"

Will animate for food.

5/1/08  Animation Mentor


Article 2008-05 Contractor.png

"Mr. Sporn in the Spotlight"

Interviewing indie animator Michael Sporn

1/1/08  Animation Magazine

Article 2008-01 Michael Sporn2.png
Article 2008-01 Michael Sporn.png

"Far Beyond the Bare Necessities"

Bruce Reitherman reflects on The Jungle Book

11/1/07  Animation Magazine

Article 2007-11 Jungle Book0.png
Article 2007-11 Jungle Book1.png

"Dean Yeagle: Disney-esque artist and Pin-up King"

Interviewing illustrator and comics artist


2007-08 Yeagle1.png
2007-08 Yeagle2.png
2007-08 Yeagle3.png

"Keeping Fresh the Old Spirit"

An interview with J. J. Sedelmaier

6/1/07  aNYmator and

Article 2007-06 Sedelmaier2.png
Article 2007-06 Sedelmaier1.png

"Rising Stars of Animation"

Interviewing Amy Winfrey, Rob Boutilier, and Chris Siemasko

6/1/07  Animation Magazine

Article 2007-06 Rising StarsAF.png
Article 2007-06 Rising StarsAF2.png
Article 2007-06 Rising StarsRB2.png
Article 2007-06 Rising StarsRB.png
Article 2007-06 Rising StarsCS.png
Article 2007-06 Rising StarsCS2.png

"Will Disney's Meet the Robinsons Have a Bright Future?"

Interviewing author/illustrator William Joyce and directors Robh Ruppel & Steve Anderson

5/1/07  Animation Magazine (Cover Story)

Article 2007-05 Robinsons Joyce.png
Article 2007-05 Robinsons.png

"Pirates, Pixie Dust, and Poignancy"

Interviewing actor & Disney legend Kathryn Beaumont

4/1/07  Animation Magazine

"The Slipper Still Fits"

Interviewing Cinderella III director Frank Nissen

3/1/07  Animation Magazine

Article 2007-03 Cinderella III.png
Article 2007-03 Cinderella III2.png

"Meet New York's New ANImagician"

Interviewing studio head Jeff Nodelman

2/1/07  Animation Magazine

Article 2007-02 Nodelman02.png
Article 2007-02 Nodelman01.png

"A Minute with Andreas Deja"

Interviewing legendary Disney lead animator

1/26/07  AnimatorsUnite

2007-01 Andreas1.png
2007-01 Andreas3.png
2007-01 Andreas4.png
2007-01 Andreas2.png

"Profile: Ila Abramson"

Interviewing an animation industry recruiter

1/1/07  aNYmator

Article 2007-01 Abramson.png
2007-01 Abramson2.png

"A Blast From TV's Past"

Interviewing MoCCA chief & toon aficionado Matt Murray

12/1/06  Animation Magazine

Article 2006-12 Matt Murray.png
Article 2006-12 Matt Murray2.png

"Profile: Aaron Augenblick"

Interviewing the chief of Augenblick Studios

12/1/06  aNYmator

Article 2006-12 Augenblick2.png
Article 2006-12 Augenblick1.png

"Diving Under the Sea Again"

Interviewing The Little Mermaid directors Ron Clements & John Musker

11/1/06  Animation Magazine

Article 2006-11 Mermaid.png
Article 2006-11 Mermaid2.png

"Profile: Michael Sporn"

Interviewing seasoned independent animation studio head

11/1/06  aNYmator

Article 2006-11 Sporn.png

"Profile: Terry McGovern"

Interviewing the voice of Disney TV animation's Launchpad McQuack


Article 2006-10-30 McGovern.png
Article 2006-10-30 McGovern2.png

"Profile: Fred Siebert"

Interviewing the long-successful animation producer

10/1/06  aNYmator

Article 2006-10 Siebert.png
Article 2006-10 Siebert4.png

"IDT Hits One Out of the Park"

Interviewing Everyone's Hero creative producer Ron Tippe, VP of artistic development Frank Gladstone, executive producer Jerry Davis, and writer Rob Kurtz

10/1/06  Animation Magazine

Article 2006-10 Everyone's Hero.png

"Profile: Gary Conrad"

Interviewing story artist and Nickelodeon director


Article 2006-09 Conrad.png

"Adventures in the Toon Trade"

Interviewing animation director and author David B. Levy

9/1/06  Animation Magazine

Article 2006-09 Levy2.png
Article 2006-09 Levy1.png

"Apocalypse Soon"

Interviewing animation creator of Broken Saints Brooke Burgess

9/1/06  Animation Magazine

Article 2006-09 Burgess.png

"MoMA's Tomorrowland Looks Back in Wonder"

Interviewing MoMA CalArts exhibit curator Josh Siegel, animators Leon Joosen & Gary Conrad

7/1/06  Animation Magazine

Article 2006-07 MoMA JS.png
Article 2006-07 MoMA JL.png
Article 2006-07 MoMA LJ.png
Article 2006-07 MoMA GC.png

"Ron Sadoff Tells the Score"

Interviewing composer and NYU director of film music

6/1/06  aNYmator

Article 2006-06 Sadoff1.png

"Dream On Silly Dreamer"

Interviews with filmmakers Dan Lund & Tony West

6/1/06  Frames Per Second Magazine

Article 2006-06 Dreamer1.png
Article 2006-06 Dreamer1.png
Article 2006-06 Dreamer2.png
Article 2006-06 Dreamer3.png

"Head in the Clouds"

Interviewing 9Story's co-founder Vince Commisso about Skyland

6/1/06  Animation Magazine

Article 2006-06 Commisso1.png

"Jay Shuster, Wielder of a Pixar Pencil"

Cars sketch artist shares his points


Article 2006-05-19 Schuster2.png
Article 2006-05-19 Schuster3.png

"Fawning Over Bambi II"

Interviewing director Brian Pimental and lead animator Andreas Deja

5/1/06  Animation Magazine

Article 2006-05 Bambi1.png
Article 2006-05 Bambi2.png
Article 2006-05 Bambi3.png

"John Canemaker, Oscar Winner"

Interviewing longtime animated filmmaker

04/1/06  aNYmator

Article 2006-04 canemaker2.png
Article 2006-04 Canemaker3.png

"In Her Own Words: Traci Paige Johnson"

Interviewing Blues Clues co-creator and art director

3/1/06  aNYmator

Article 2006-03 Traci Paige Johnson2.png

"Big Apples' Fantastic Toon Femmes"

Interviewing Kris Greengrove, Lisa Goldman, Jennifer Oxley, Nina Paley, & Linda Simensky

3/1/06  Animation Magazine

Article 2006-03 Femmes TD.png
Article 2006-03 Femmes KG.png
Article 2006-03 Femmes LS.png
Article 2006-03 Femmes LG.png
Article 2006-03 Femmes JO.png

"Candy Kugel: Indie-Studio Animation's First Lady"

Interviewing the long-standing studio head, animator, & producer

3/1/06  Frames Per Second Magazine

Article 2006-03 Kugel2.png
Article 2006-03 Kugel3.png

"A Minute with Bruno Bozzetto"

Interviewing Italy's animation legend

2/1/06  aNYmator

Article 2006-02 Bozzetto.png

"Behind Disney's Chicken Little"

Interviewing art directors Dan Cooper & Ian Gooding, and lead animator Mark Austin

1/1/06  aNYmator

Article 2006-01 Chicken Cooper.png
Article 2006-01 Chicken Gooding.png
Article 2006-01 Chicken Austin.png
Article 2006-01 Chicken1.png

"Lunch with June Foray"

Interviewing the legendary voice actor

12/1/05  aNYmator

Article 2005-12 Foray_edited.jpg
Article 2005-12 Foray1.png
Article 2005-12 Foray1b.png

"Rick Wiener Uncovered"

Interviewing co-executive producer and writer of American Dad

11/1/05  aNYmator

Article 2005-11 Rick Wiener2.png
Article 2005-11 Rick Wiener1.png

"A Minute with Eric Goldberg"

Interviewing seasoned Disney supervising animator

10/1/05  aNYmator

Article 2005-10 Goldberg2.png
Article 2005-10 Goldberg1.png

"The Legacy of Joe Grant"

Interviewing John Canemaker, Eric Goldberg, and Dave Bossert

9/1/05  aNYmator

Article 2005-09 Joe Grant1.png

"Milking the Pro's – Part 4"

Interviewing TV animation director David B. Levy

6/1/05  aNYmator

Article 2005-06 Levy director2.png
Article 2005-06 Levy director1.png

"Milking the Pro's – Part 3"

Interviewing historian John Culhane and composer Jared Faber

5/1/05  aNYmator

Article 2005-05 Culhane Faber3.png
Article 2005-05 Culhane Faber1.png
Article 2005-05 Culhane Faber4.png

"Milking the Pro's – Part 2"

Interviewing studio director Dave Bossert, indie legend Bill Plympton, CEO Craig Yoe, comics artist Chris Giarrusso, and children's author Mo Willems

4/1/05  aNYmator

Article 2005-04 Milking Pros Pt2 DB.png
Article 2005-04 Milking Pros Pt2 BP.png
Article 2005-04 Milking Pros Pt2 MW.png
Article 2005-04 Milking Pros Pt2 CY2.png
Article 2005-04 Milking Pros Pt2 CG.png

"Milking the Pro's – Part 1"

Interviewing Codename Kids Next Door showrunner Tom Warburton, and original Roger Rabbit author Gary K. Wolf

3/1/05  aNYmator

Article 2005-03 Warburton Wolf2.png
Article 2005-03 Warburton Wolf1.png
Article 2005-03 Warburton Wolf3.png
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